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2017 Beefsteak Tomato List

(I) = Indeterminate variety; must be staked, produces fruit continually through the season.
(D) = Determinate variety: do not need staking, produces all its fruit at once; good for canning and sauces

Beefmaster (I) VFN
Hybrid Red 2 lbs. Solid, meaty, flavorful (80 days)

Beefsteak (I)
Hybrid Bright red 1-2 lbs. Solid, meaty, rich flavor (96 days)

Berkeley Tie Dye (I)
Heirloom Green/yellow/red stripes 4-10 oz. Spicy, sweet, tart (80 days)

Big Beef (I) VFFNTA
Hybrid Ruby red 10-12 oz. All American Selection, firm, juicy, old fashioned toamto flavor (73 days)

Big Rainbow (I)
Heirloom Gold/red bicolor 1-2 lbs. Fruity, sweet, rich (80 days)

Black Brandywine (I)
Heirloom Deep mahogany 12-16 oz. True tomato taste (80 days)

Black From Tula (I)
Heirloom/Russia Reddish-brown 8-12 oz. Rich, sweet: productive (75-80 days)

Brandywine Sudduth's Strain (I)
Heirloom Pink 1-2 lb. Exceptionally rich, best of the Brandywines (85 days)

Burpee's Big Boy (I)
Hybrid Red 1 lb. Meaty flesh, great flavor (78 days)

Burpee's Burger (I)
Hybrid Red 14-18 oz. Meaty, delicious: abundant (72 days)

Burpee's Supersteak (I) VFN
Hybrid Red 1-2 lbs. Meaty flavor, productive (70-80 days)

Caspian Pink (I)
Heirloom/Russia Pink 10-12 oz. Outstanding, sweet, rich (80 days)

Cherokee Green (I)
Heirloom Amber green/yellow 12-16 oz. Most flavorful of the greens (85 days)

Chocolate Stripes (I)
Open pollinated Mahogany/green stripes 3-4" Rich, complex, earthy taste (79 days)

Cindy's West Virginia (I)
Heirloom Pink/red 4" slightly flattened, 12-20 oz. Excellent flavor (90 days)

Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red (I)
Heirloom Deep red 6-10 oz. Robust, bold flavors (78 days)

Dixie Golden Giant (I)
Heirloom/Amish Lemon yellow 1-2 lbs. Intense, sweet, fruity (85-100 days)

Dr. Wyche's Yellow (I)
Hybrid Golden yellow 10-16 oz. Sweet, tangy (80 days)

German Johnson (I)
Heirloom Pink/yellow shoulders 1-1 1/2 lbs. Mild flavor, low acid, few seeds (75 days)

Gold Medal (I)
Heirloom Yellow with red blush 1-1 1/2 lbs. Lucious and sweet (85-90 days)

Green Pineapple (I)
Heirloom Emerald green/yellow 12 oz. Unique fruity aroma, slightly spicy flavor (80 days)

Hawaiian Pineapple (I)
Hybrid Golden orange 1 1/2 lbs. Rich, fruity pineapple-like flavor (90-95 days)

Hillbilly (I)
Heirloom/West Virginia Yellow/orange 1-2 lbs. Sweet, mild & fruity (85 days)

Indigo Blue Beauty (I)
Hybrid Blue with black shoulders 4-5 ozs. Unique color, excellent flavor, meaty (80 days)

Jetsetter (I) VFFNAT
Hybrid Red 8 oz. Rich flavor, excellent disease resistance (64 days)

Kellogg's Breakfast (I)
Heirloom Vibrant orange 1 lb. Cluster of 2-3 Rich, a blockbuster (80 days)

Marianna's Peace (I)
Heirloom Pink/red 1-2 lb. Luscious, full tomato flavor (80 days)

Marvel Stripe (I)
Heirloom/ Mexico Yellow/orange/red 2 lb. Sweet, mild, fruity (65 days)

Mexico (I)
Heirloom/ Mexico Dark pink 1 lb. Superb taste, continuous production (80 days)

Mortgage Lifter (I)
Heirloom Deep pink 1-3 lbs. Sweet, very mild (75-85 days)

Old German (I)
Heirloom/Virginia Yellow/red 1 1/2 - 2 lbs. Outstanding (75 days)

Omar's Lebanese (I)
Heirloom/Lebanon Medium pink 1-4 lb. Outstanding, sweet, rich, complex (90 days)

Persimmon (I)
Heirloom, rare Golden orange 1-2 lbs. Best flavor of all orange tomatoes (80 days)

Pineapple (I)
Heirloom Bi-colored, red/yellow up to 2 lbs. Rich, fruity, sweet (85 days)

Porterhouse (I)
Hybrid Deep red A Burpee exclusive, smooth and rich (80 days)

Pruden's Purple (I)
Heirloom Dark pink 10-16 oz. Delicious, good production (75 days)

Sisters (I)
Heirloom Pink 4" Good producer (82 days)

St. Teresa (I)
Heirloom/Slovakia Pink 1-2 lb. Balance sweet/acid flavor, very high yields (75 days)

Virginia Sweets (I)
Heirloom Golden yellow/red stripes 1 lb. Sweet & rich, abundant harvest (65 days)

Disease Resistance Codes

A = Alternia (Early Blight)   F = Fusarium Wilt   N = Nematodes

T = Tobacco Mosaic Virus   V = Verticillium Wilt

Click HERE for a printable plain text version of the full list.

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