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2017 Cherry/Small Fruit Tomato List

(I) = Indeterminate variety; must be staked, produces fruit continually through the season.
(D) = Determinate variety: do not need staking, produces all its fruit at once; good for canning and sauces

Black Cherry (I)
Hybrid Deep mahogany Cherry size Sweet yet rich (65 days)

Black Plum (I)
Hybrid/Russia Deep mahogany 2"-3" Unique/tasty (60-80 days)

Blondkopfchen (I)
Heirloom/Germany Bright yellow 1/2" grape size Deliciously sweet (75 days)

Brown Berry (I)
Heirloom Mahogany red 1" Sweet and juicy, heavy producer (75 days)

Bumble Bee Sunrise (I) (I) NEW
Hybrid Yellow with red stripes/pink meat, 10 oz. Sweet and tangy (70 days)

Lollipop (I)
Hybrid Creamy yellow 1 1/2" High yields, hearty, full flavored (65 days)

Matt's Wild Cherry (I)
Hybrid Deep red 1 oz. Very sweet, high sugar (60 days)

Purple Bumble Bee (I)
Hybrid Bronzy purple with green stripes 1 1/2" complex, but sweet flavor (70 days)

Rapunzel (I)
Hybrid Bright red 3/4 to 1 oz. Long trusses with up to 40 fruits, very sweet (70 days)

Rosalita (I)
Hybrid/Mexico Deep pink with white dots Small oval Sweet, rare variety (60 days)

Snow White (I)
Hybrid Ivory to pale yellow 3/4" to 1" Sweet without being sugary (75 days)

Sugar Rush (I) (I) NEW
Hybrid Red 1/4-1 1/4" Very productive, early and very sweet (53 days)

Sun Gold (I)
Hybrid Yellow-orange 1/2 oz. Tropical taste, best tasting cherry (60 days)

Super Snow White (I)
Heirloom Pale yellow 2 oz. Very sweet, mild, low acid (75 days)

Super Sweet 100 (I)
Hybrid Red 1" Very sweet (65 days)

Sweet Aperitif (I)
Hybrid/England Bright red 1/2 oz. Exceptionally high sugar content (80 days)

Sweet Baby Girl (I)
Hybrid Dark red 1 oz. Super sweet, luscious (65 days)

Tiny Tim (D)
Hybrid Red 1/4" Sweet; heavy production (60 days)

Violet Jasper (I)
Heirloom/China Violet/green stripes 1-3 oz. High yield, smooth taste, very productive (72 days)

Wild Cherry (I)
Heirloom/Mexico Deep red 1/2" Intense, rich, good for snacks (65 days)

Yellow Pear (I)
Heirloom Clear yellow 1 1/2-2 oz. Very sweet, garden candy (78 days)

Disease Resistance Codes

A = Alternia (Early Blight)   F = Fusarium Wilt   N = Nematodes

T = Tobacco Mosaic Virus   V = Verticillium Wilt

Click HERE for a printable plain text version of the full list.

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