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Garden Links

Horticulture Reference Resources

Botanical Society of America

GardenWeb - The Internet's Garden Community

The GayGardener Web

Designing With Native Plants

All-America Rose Selections (AARS)

Palm World

The Cycad Pages

Ketzel Levine's Talking Plants

Canadian Internet Gardening Resource Links

Digitalseed: Worldwide Gardener

City of Fullerton Approved Tree List

Scott's Botanical Links

The National Agricultural Library

The Hidden Costs of Tree Topping

TNC Wildland Invasive Species Team

Center for Plant Conservation

Bugwood Network

Plant Conservation Alliance - Alien Plant Working Group

Invasive Plant Lists

CDFA - California Department of Food and Agriculture

The Tree Doctor

Turf Resource Center

UC Cooperative Extension -- San Diego County

UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program

UC Pest Management Guidelines

Water Education Foundation

Jess Stryker's Free Landscape Irrigation Tutorials

InterUrban - Hydroponics Information

CIMIS - California Irrigation Management Information System

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