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2017 Container, Grape, and Oxheart

Tomato List

(I) = Indeterminate variety; must be staked, produces fruit continually through the season.
(D) = Determinate variety: do not need staking, produces all its fruit at once; good for canning and sauces


Bush Early Girl (D) VFFNT
Hybrid Deep pink 6-7 oz. Light, smooth, sweet (54 days)

Container Choice (D)
Hybrid Red 6-8 oz. Delicious balance of sugar and acid (69 days)

Litt'l Bites (D) NEW
Hybrid Red Bite size Ideal for hanging baskets and containers (65 days)

Patio (D) F
Hybrid Deep red 3-4 oz. Tasty (70 days)

Superbush (I) NEW
Hybrid Red Sweet & juicy Compact plant, good in containers (70 days)

Window Box Roma (D) VFN
Hybrid Red 2-3 oz. Sweet, high yield, long shelf-life (70 days)


Cherry Roma (I)
Heirloom Red 1" grape shape Sweet, heavy producer (75-80 days)

Grape (I)
Hybrid Brilliant red 1 1/2" Mild, sweet, addictive (55 days)

Jelly Bean (I) VFFA
Hybrid Brilliant red, bite size, grape shape
Sweet (75 days)

Juliet (I)
Hybrid Red oblong 1 oz. Sweet, '99 Award Winner (60 days)

Pandorino (I) NEW
Hybrid Cherry red Grape shape Full tomato flavor, high yield (70-75 days)

Sprite (D)
Hybrid Red Bite size Compact vine; sweet, thin skin (60 days)


Anna Russian (I)
Heirloom/Russia Pinkish/red 1 lb. Large, juicy, heart shape; superb flavor (70 days)

German Red Strawberry (I)
Heirloom/Germany Red 1 lb.+ Strawberry shape, complex sweet and acidic flavor (85 days)

Russian #117 (I)
Heirloom/Russia Red 1-2 lbs. Robust, sweet but zippy (90 days)

Disease Resistance Codes

A = Alternia (Early Blight)   F = Fusarium Wilt   N = Nematodes

T = Tobacco Mosaic Virus   V = Verticillium Wilt

Click HERE for a printable plain text version of the full list.

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