Botanical Name: Abutilon palmeri
Common Name: Indian Mallow
Type of Plant: Dicot-shrub
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Dense, rounded, irregular; taller than wide at maturity; soft stems and leaves give a light attractive look, more open if in light shade
Height to 4'
Spread to 4'
Growth Rate Fast
Exposure Full sun; will take light shade in hottest inland areas
Soil Adaptable, will take clay soil as long as it drains well
Hardiness Sunset Zones 8-9, 11-13
Leaves Alternaete, soft, velvety silvery leaves, broadly ovate to heart-shaped; with dentate margins; 2-6"
Flowers Poppy-like gold/orange flowers; cup-shaped, 5 petals, year-round
Fruit Dry fuzzy schizocarpic capsule, splits open at maturity
By seed
For dramatic foliage color, beautiful contrast to dark greens, dry or native gardens, attracts butterflies and other pollinators
Landscape Care:
Watering Drought tolerant but may go stress-deciduous, infrequent summer water
Fertilizing None
Pruning Cut back flowering stems to first set of full leaves, tip pinch for density
Pests/Diseases Rabbits
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: Sonoran Desert to Orange County, San Diego County, San Jacinto Mountains
Family: Malvaceae
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