Botanical Name: Agave americana
Common Name: Century Plant
Type of Plant: Monocot: succulent, monocarpic
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Thick, massive succulent, pointed leaves forming a basal rosette
Height 5-7'
Spread 8-12'
Growth Rate Moderate
Exposure Full sun, but will take very light shade
Soil Any well-draining, will take shallow soils, rocky soils, does not require amendment
Hardiness Zones 10, 12-24, H1, H2
Leaves Leaves Green to blue-green with pattern of toothed leaves on back side, spiny tip and toothed margin with tips of spines curving downward
FlowersLarge asparagus-like stalk emerges from center of plant, 15 to 30' tall, yellow flowers emerge from terminal end on a horizontal branching structure up to 6' across; flowers when 10 or more years old. Dies after flowering
Fruit Flat disc enclosed in capsule
Seed and offsets
Spectacular large specimen or focal point; dry gardens and desert landscapes; for leaf color; in very large containers, on slopes. Do not use near foot traffic areas
Landscape Care:
Watering Little water required when established, occasionally supplement in summer
Fertilizing None
Pruning Remove dead leaves only
Pests/Diseases Agave weevil, fungus in less than optimum conditions
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: Mexican highlands
Family: Agavacea
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