Botanical Name: Agave shawii x attenuata 'Blue Flame'
Common Name: Blue Flame Agave
Type of Plant: Monocot: succulent, monocarpic
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Individual rosettes 2-1/2 to 3' tall and wide forming much larger clumps; soft leaves are glaucous blue inwardly turned tips with terminal spine
Height 2-3' (4')
Spread Clumps 8-10'
Growth Rate Slow
Exposure Full sun, but will take very light shade
Soil Any well-draining soil
Hardiness Zones 13, 20-24
Leaves Leaves flexible with finely serrate margins and terminal spine, glaucous blue waxy cuticle and inwardly curved tips give appearance of 'flame'
Flowers Main straight or arching spike-like panicle to 20' surrounded by smaller subsidiary inflorescenses, yellow flowers in small clusters along stalk
Fruit Fertile seeds are flat black disc; produces many infertile seeds
Division and seed
Beautiful clumping 'soft' agave, for its lovely blue color and graceful form; in containers, masses, on slopes. Plant where soft leaves are protected from damage
Landscape Care:
Watering Little when established, avoid overhead water to maintain glaucous blue cuticle
Fertilizing None
Pruning Remove dead leaves only
Pests/Diseases Agave weevil, fungus in less than optimum conditions
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: Hybrid between A. shawii & A. attenuata by Dave Verity, UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden, circa 1960
Family: Agavacea
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