Botanical Name: Aloe plicatilis
Common Name: Fan Aloe
Type of Plant: Monocot perennial
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Succulent, eventually reaching tree-size, heavy, forking trunks terminating with fans of leaves in a striking formation atop; different habit from most other Aloes
Height 3-8'
Spread 3-6'
Growth Rate Slow
Exposure Full sun, partial shade inland, protect from hottest sun
Soil Any well-draining soil
Hardiness Sunset Zones 8-9, 12-24
Flowers Each leaf cluster bears one erect 12-20" tall unbranched inflorescence bearing an open terminal cluster of tubular orange-red flowers in late winter to early spring
Fruit Small, dry with thickened papery texture, brown to black
Seeds (slow) and cuttings
Specimen or focal feature, in containers, beautiful when lighted at night; dry gardens, desert gardens; for unusual form and trunk; brilliant flowers
Landscape Care:
Watering Low to moderate requirements depending on soil type, will not withstand poor drainage
Fertilizing None
Pruning Remove dead leaves to reveal attractive bark
Pests/Diseases Aloe scale, white scale, ants with mealy bugs or aphids
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: South Africa
Family: Asphodelaceae
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