Botanical Name: Aloe striata
Common Name: Coral Aloe
Type of Plant: Monocot succulent
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Nearly stemless, clumping succulent, forming rosettes of flat, fleshy leaves; spreads slowly by surface stems
Height 18"-2
Spread to 2'
Growth Rate Moderate
Exposure Full sun to light shade
Soil Any well drained soil
Hardiness Sunset Zones 8-9, 12-24
Leaves Fleshy, flattened, pointed, upright, light green to pinkish (in full sun) with reddish margins
Flowers Coral to orange-red, on stalks, held well above foliage; late winter-spring
Fruit Green, multicarpulate
By seed, or by dividing clumps
Striking form and textural accent; dry or desert gardens, attractive leaf color and brilliant flowers; rock gardens; containers
Landscape Care:
Watering Drought tolerant but appreciates moderate water
Fertilizing None
Pruning Remove spent flower stalks or dead leaves
Pests/Diseases Snails and slugs
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: South Africa
Family: Aloaceae
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