Botanical Name: Arbutus 'Marina'
Common Name: Marina Strawberry Tree
Type of Plant: dicot
Character evergreen tree/shrub

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape an upright, spreading, shrubby and densely branched plant; if unpruned, the plant forms a full rounded canopy; may develop into a small multi-trunked tree; the small branches have a deep red bark
Height 25'-50'
Spread equal or more
Growth Rate slow to moderate
Exposure full sun
Soil tolerates most; prefers fast-draining, fairly dry soils
Hardiness hardy (zones 4-24): thrives in warm sunny foothill areas
Leaves pinnate, alternate, elliptic-oval or obovate; strongly serrate, with a long, acute apex; dark green, leathery, 2"-4" long
Flowers pink, urn-shaped, 1/4" across; in terminal (4"-6") panicles; winter - spring
Fruit a berry: round, yellow-red, 3/4"-1" diameter, edible
a beautiful, medium to large accent tree for its picturesque twisting form, distinctive flowers and ornamental fruit; red peeling bark suitable for patios; several together make a background screen
Landscape Care:
Watering no special requirements; tolerates regular irrigation, but is very drought tolerant after established, looks best with summer water
Fertilizing balanced in spring if well watered; otherwise little is needed
Pruning to shape desired (do not shear); as a tree, head high and develop a wide-spreading framework
Pests/Diseases relatively free
Special Conditions/Other
Origin:Hybrid between A.unedo x A.andrachne
Family: Ericaceae
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