Botanical Name: Callistemon viminalis 'Little John'
Common Name: Dwarf Callistemon
Type of Plant: dicot: shrub
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape rounded mound, with irregular branching
Height 3'-5' (8')
Spread 4'-6'
Growth Rate Slow/moderate
Exposure Full or partial sun; will not bloom as heavily in shade
Soil tolerates most; prefers good drainage
Hardiness some frost (to 20-25 F) (zones 8,9, 12-24): thrives in coastal environments
Leaves pinnate, alternate or often whorled, narrowly lanceolateelliptic: 2-3" long; grey-green; leathery
Flowers deep red, many-stamened, in sessile spikes near the ends of branches, 2-3" long
Fruit woody capsules; small (1/4"), oval, persistent on the stem
a dramatic accent shrub for its almost constant flower display, good as a facer, filler, container (rather messy); suitable for sub-tropical and rustic-informal landscapes, parkway, medians, informal hedge
Landscape Care:
Watering Drought tolerant in coastal areas, prefers additional water inland
Fertilizing balanced, in spring; subject to iron chlorosis in heavy over-watered soils, apply chealated iron to correct
Pruning prune to maintain shape; thin out occasionally
Pests/Diseases relatively free
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: New South Wales
Family: Myrtaceae
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