Botanical Name: Cercidium hybrid "Desert Museum"
Common Name: Desert Museum palo verde, Thornless palo verde
Type of Plant: dicot: tree
Character deciduous, semideciduous

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape an upright, multi-stemmed branched small tree with smooth bluish-green bark; the canopy becomes broadly rounded with age
Height 20' - 30'
Spread 20' - 40'
Growth Rate Fast
Exposure outdoors; full sun required - likes heat; grows poorly in shade
Soil prefers loose, coarse-textured soils; tolerates most
Hardiness hardy (zones 10-14, 18-21): thrives in hot inland habitats
Leaves pinnately compound, small, alternate; with 22-24 pinnae - leaves drop off during periods of drought
Flowers yellow, 1/2" across, in axillary clusters (racemes), 2"-4" long; flowers fragrant; March - July
Fruit a pod: 2"-4" long, flattened, somewhat constricted between the seeds
seed (scarify for best germination)
a small accent tree prized for its profuse display of yellow 1 inch flowers and loose airy canopy, green bark (intergeneric hybrid between Cercidium and Parkinsonia); an extremely drought-tolerant plant once established; light-filtered shade for patios; container plant
Landscape Care:
Watering periodic deep-soak irrigation will promote faster and more lush growth
Fertilizing a balanced fertilizer, in spring, promotes a more dense and rapid growth
Pruning develop an open framework of primary branches; thin out occasionally to enhance the overall appearance
Pests/Diseases relatively free
Special Conditions/Other retains foliage for longer periods if watered
Origin: hybrid
Family: Fabaceae
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