Botanical Name: Cistanthe grandiflora (Calandrinia grandiflora)
Common Name: Rock purslane, Redmaids
Type of Plant: dicot
Character perennial

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape tender succulent perennial often grown as an annual; rosettes of pinkish gray leaves are topped by magenta flowers held high above
Height 18" to 24"
Spread to 18"
Growth Rate rapid
Exposure outdoors; full sun preferred
Soil tolerates any well-drained soil; likes sandy conditions
Hardiness tender to cold (zones 22-24) but mostly used as an annual
Leaves thickened succulent leaves to 3" long with pinkish gray coloration; leaves nearly cylindrical, arranged in loose rosettes
Flowers bright magenta, cup-like flowers held high above foliage; flowers to 1" across, formed in loose clusters
Fruit small capsule
stem cuttings, seed
useful in rock gardens, mixed with other succulents; can be used as a bright border or edging plant
Landscape Care:
Watering keep somewhat dry; dislikes heavy soils and heavy irrigation
Fertilizing generally none needed
Pruning pinch frequently to keep from sprawling and tipping over
Pests/Diseases root rot where drainage is poor
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: Chile
Family: Portulaceae
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