Botanical Name: Correa 'Ivory Bells'
Common Name: Australian Fuchsia 'Ivory Bells'
Type of Plant: Dicot shrub
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Mounding shrub with thin, erect stems covered in fine brown fuzz, forming a moderately dense and spreading canopy
Height 3'-6'
Spread 6'-8'
Growth Rate Fast
Exposure Full sun to partial shade, roots like to be cool
Soil Any well-draining, withstands poor and rocky soils
Hardiness Sunset Zone 14-24; to 20-25 degrees Farenheit
Leaves Leaves 1" oval, pale and felted on the underside and matte gray-green on top, smooth margins
Flowers Tubular, flared ivory/cream colored flowers, 3/4", in late fall-spring
Fruit : capsule. Rare and may not produce plants true to the cultivar
Low screen or accent; dry shady areas, under native oaks; on slopes; seaside gardens; attracts nectar-eating birds; good in containers
Landscape Care:
Watering Drought tolerant; will not withstand soggy soils
Fertilizing Very little required, slow-release, low nitrogen
Pruning Selectively prune to enhance mound shape, head back to reduce size
Pests/Diseases Scale
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: Genus: Eastern Australia; 'Ivory Bells' hybridized by Victor Reiter, CA
Family: Rutaceae
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