Botanical Name: Echium candicans (fastuosum)
Common Name: Pride of Madeira
Type of Plant: dicot
Character evergreen perennial

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape large, shrubby, loosely constructed plant with coarse, hairy foliage and large spikes of blue or purple flowers held above foliage held high above
Height 3'-6'
Spread 4' to 8"
Growth Rate rapid
Exposure outdoors; full sun
Soil does best in well-drained areas
Hardiness hardy (zones 14-24)
Leaves elliptical, blue-gray, to 8" long, hairy on upper and lower surfaces
Flowers large vertical panicles of dark purple or blue flowers, spikes to 18" tall, flowers 1/2" across--blooms in May or June
Fruit small nutlets
large filler or accent plant; can be used at the back of herbaceous perennial borders; effective accent plant in raised beds mixed with native plants
Landscape Care:
Watering takes average watering--tolerates some drought; needs almost no irrigation in coastal areas
Fertilizing slow-release at planting time, or in early spring
Pruning head back lightly after bloom--remove dead flowers
Pests/Diseases root rot where drainage is poor
Special Conditions/Other does well in seacoast conditions
Origin: Canary Islands, Azore Islands, North Africa
Family: Boraginaceae
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