Botanical Name: Kalanchoe luciaea (K. thyrsiflora)
Common Name: Flapjacks, Paddle Plant
Type of Plant: Monocot: succulent, monocarpic
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Clump-forming with wide, rounded flattened succulent leaves from a short sturdy trunk
Height to 2'
Spread to 2'
Growth Rate Moderate
Exposure Full sun to shade, best color in sunny locations
Soil Any well-draining
Hardiness Zone 13 with shade, 17, 21-24, H1, H2
Leaves Up to 6" long and 4" wide, in a rosette of thick, oval, fleshy leaves; gray-green/yellow-green with red margins, may turn entirely red
Flowers Tubular pale yellow flowers in clusters on bloom spike
Fruit Seeds are rare, generally considered not viable
Stem or leaf cuttings, or new plantlets that form along bloom stalk
Dry or succulent gardens; low accent, filler or mass for leaf color; in pots; combine with broadleaf plants in mixed planting; houseplant
Landscape Care:
Watering Little water required, will not withstand soggy soil
Fertilizing Slow-release, low nitrogen
Pruning May desire to remove flower spike to keep plant from dying
Pests/Diseases Snails & slugs disfigure leaves
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland
Family: Crassulacea
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