Botanical Name: Nasella tenuissima (Stipa tenuissima)
Common Name: Mexican Feather Grass
Type of Plant: Monocot perennial
Character Dormant in winter

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Clumping, wispy feathery grass, low-growing & graceful, with fibrous root system
Height 1-2'
Spread 1-2' (3')
Growth Rate Fast
Exposure Full sun or partial shade
Soil Any well-draining soil
Hardiness Sunset Zones 2b-24
Leaves Alternate, simple, to 18" long; light silvery green turning buff color in winter
Flowers Spikelet on thin flowering stems, whitish-silvery green, June through September
Fruit 3" awns with dry, one-seeded achene
Seed (collect when dry and comes away easily)
Low-growing, graceful accent grass, feathery stems sway in the breeze; dry gardens, informal borders and masses, on slopes. Beautiful when backlit by sun
Landscape Care:
Watering Little water required when established, occasionally supplement in summer
Fertilizing None
Pruning Cut to 4-6" above ground at beginning of growing season
Pests/Diseases None
Special Conditions/Other Caution: self sows readily, considered a Noxious Weed so control near wildlands
Origin: Southwest United States and Mexico
Family: Poaceae
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