Botanical Name: Peritoma arborea (Cleome isomeris)
Common Name: Bladderpod
Type of Plant: dicot
Character shrub

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape a loosely constructed evergreen shrub with an open rounded canopy; forms an upright to somewhat mounded shape with age
Height 2'-4' (6')
Spread equal or more
Growth Rate slow to moderate
Exposure full sun preferred; tolerates some shade at inland habitats
Soil is tolerant of most well-draining soil; thrives in sandy soils
Hardiness hardy (zones 11-13, 18-24): prefers warm/hot inland valley sites
Leaves trifoliate, alternate, pale green, with elliptic leaflets; 2 - 3" long; strongly aromatic when crushed
Flowers yellow, 1" across, in mostly terminal clusters: March - May and intermittent during the summer
Fruit a fleshy green pod, 2" long
makes an attractive low to medium filler in desert or Mediterranean theme gardens - useful for its loose open form and colorful yellow flowers; can mass together as an informal hedge or low screen
Landscape Care:
Watering very little is required after establishment; thrives on occasional deep soaking in summer; good for dry slopes
Fertilizing none required unless heavily watered
Pruning selectively head back after blooming for a fuller shape
Pests/Diseases relatively free - may get aphids on new flowers
Special Conditions/Other does well in seacoast conditions
Origin:foothills and washes of both Mohave and Colorado deserts of California
Family: Capparaceae
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