Botanical Name: Phormium tenax 'Jack Spratt'
Common Name: Jack Spratt Flax
Type of Plant: Monocot perennial
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Clumping, grass-like plant with red-brown, strappy leaves. One of the smallest of the Phormium genus
Height 1-2'
Spread 1-2' (3')
Growth Rate Fast
Exposure Full sun or partial shade
Soil Any well-draining
Hardiness Sunset Zones 2b-24
Leaves 1/2" wide, twisting, reddish brown strap-like leaves
Flowers Tall, open-branched spike with small tubular burgundy flowers
Fruit Fruit Elongated dry capsule with many hard, flat black seeds
Root division and seed; seeds of hybrids may not retain characteristics of parents
Low-growing accent, small size makes it very useful for smaller residential gardens; for dark color; in masses or informal border, contrast for broader or lighter foliage
Landscape Care:
Watering Moderately low water required, will not withstand total drought
Fertilizing None
Pruning Cut to 4-6" above ground at beginning of growing season
Pests/Diseases Mealy bugs, slugs, root rot with poor drainage
Special Conditions/Other Take care not to cover crown with mulch
Origin: New Zealand & Norfolk Island
Family: Asphodelaceae
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