Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis
Common Name: Rosemary, Common Rosemary
Type of Plant: Dicot: shrub
Character Evergreen

Habit of Growth:
Overall Shape Upright woody shrub, slender almost needle-like leaves, stems may be irregularly twisted, may become gnarled with age; picturesque, rugged
Height 4' - 6'
Spread to 4' - 8'
Growth Rate Moderate
Exposure Full sun but tolerates some shade, more open & slower growth in shade
Soil Well drained, prefers poorer soil, will tolerate richer soil if well drained
Hardiness Sunset Zones 4-24; takes some frost
Leaves Narrow and fragrant, light beneath almost appearing to be white-striped below, 1/2" - 1"
Flowers Blue, 2-lipped flowers in axillary clusters, attractive to bees, early spring
Fruit Small 4-part nutlet
Softwood tip cuttings
Mid-size shrub, Mediterranean & dry gardens, combine with succulents; for culinary use, seacoast. Plant where bees will not be a problem
Landscape Care:
Watering Prefers dry soil with good drainage, avoid overwatering
Fertilizing None
Pruning Selectively prune to shape, do not shear; tip-pinch to encourage density
Pests/Diseases Spittle bug in spring if shaded, root rot if overwatered
Special Conditions/Other
Origin: Mediterranean region
Family: Lamiaceae
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