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2017 Slicer Tomato List

(I) = Indeterminate variety; must be staked, produces fruit continually through the season.
(D) = Determinate variety: do not need staking, produces all its fruit at once; good for canning and sauces

Better Boy (I)
Hybrid Bright red 12-16 oz. Smooth, flavorful taste, perfect for slicing (75 days)

Black Krim (I)
Heirloom/Russia Deep red/black 10-12 oz. Rich with a hint of saltiness (60 days)

Box Car Willie (I)
Heirloom Bright orange and red 10-16 oz. Smooth well-balanced, garden staple (80 days)

Briana (I)
Heirloom Pink, 1 lb. Delicious, rich, well-balanced, vigorus vine (81 days)

Carbon (I)
Hybrid Darkest of the "black" tomatoes 8-12 oz. Rich, sweet (80 days)

Carmello (I)
Hybrid/France Red 4-5" Rich tomato flavor (60 days)

Celebrity (D) VFFNTA
Hybrid Red 7-8 oz. Very flavorful (70 days)

Champion (I) VFNT
Hybrid Red 8 oz. Good for sandwiches, solid, meaty (70 days)

Cherokee Purple (I)
Heirloom Rose/green/brown 8-12 oz. Smokey, very sweet (75 days)

Early Girl (I) VFF
Hybrid Red 4-6 ozs. Early variety, vigorous and reliable, meaty, perfect for slicing (59 days)

Green Zebra (I)
Heirloom Light & dark green stripes 2-3 oz. Clusters of 3-5 Sweet yet zingy (75 days)

Lemon Boy (I) VFN
Hybrid Lemon yellow 8 oz. Mild, sweet, yet tangy (72 days)

Moonglow (I)
Hybrid Warm orange 6-8 oz. favorite at the Carmel Tomato Fest (80 days)

Paul Robeson (I)
Heirloom/Russia Deep red 7-10 oz. Complex, sweet yet tangy, smokey flavor (75 days)

Pink Accordian (I)
Open pollinated Dark pink 1 lb. "Pleated" shape, sweet, mild, low acid, few seeds (80 days)

Piriform (I)
Heirloom/Italy Red 7-9 oz. ribbed, European favorite, old-fashioned flavor (78 days)

Purple Russian (I)
Heirloom/Ukraine Dark purple 6 oz. Plum shape Sweet & meaty, good cold tolerance (80 days)

Red Zebra (I)
Hybrid Red/Bright yellow stripes 2 1/2" Sweet, flavorful, heavy producer (75 days)

Shady Lady (D) VFTA
Hybrid Globe-shaped, red 7-8 oz. Favorite at farmer's markets (75 days)

Sioux (D)
Heirloom Red 6 oz. Sweet & tangy, full rich flavor, big harvest (70 days)

Sweet Tangerine (D) VFN
Hybrid Bright orange 6 oz. Sweet, firm, heavy crop (70-80 days)

Tim's Black Ruffles (I)
Heirloom Garnet purple 8-10 oz. Rich, smokey flavor (78 days)

Valencia (I)
Heirloom/Indiana Brilliant Orange 8-10 ozs. Sweet and refreshing, few seeds (75 days)

Valley Girl (D) V
Hybrid Red 7-8 oz. Sweet, fruity flavor (65 days)

Wisconsin 55 (I)
Open pollinated from the 1940s Red 4-8 oz. Intense tomato flavor (78 days)

Disease Resistance Codes

A = Alternia (Early Blight)   F = Fusarium Wilt   N = Nematodes

T = Tobacco Mosaic Virus   V = Verticillium Wilt

Click HERE for a printable plain text version of the full list.

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