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Fall 2017 Classes

Classes begin August 22nd

HORT 001 Principles of Horticulture I
Tuesday/Thursday, 12:30-3:30P
Valerie Loew
HORT 153 Landscape Irrigation
Tuesday, 5:30-9:45P, plus 2 Saturday activities
Stormi Weathers
HORT 045 Pest Control Certification and Safety
Monday, 6:00-8:05P
Jeff Feaster
HORT 160 Plant Identification: Trees
Thursday, 6:00-9:10P
Ron LaFond
HORT 152 Applied Botany
Monday/Wednesday 8:30-11:45A
Jeff Feaster
HORT 173 Greenhouse and Nursery Production
Monday, 8:30-1:55P
Valerie Loew
HORT 152 Applied Botany
Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:45A
Valerie Loew
HORT 174 Plant Propagation
Wednesday 8:30-1:55P
Valerie Loew
For more information on registration, click the link below
Fullerton College