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Horticulture Scholarships

The scholarships offered through the Horticulture Department are NOT based strictly on financial need. When applying for a scholarship, please pay careful attention to the specific scholarship requirements. It is important that you determine whether you meet the requirements (units, G.P.A. , etc.) set out by the specific scholarship for which you are applying.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 4 pm
Submit your completed application to the
Horticulture Department Office - Room 1602

Click here to download the Scholarship Application Form

Fullerton Beautiful Horticulture Scholarship
The award is for a student with financial need majoring in Horticulture and will be planning to return to Fullerton College the following semester.
Ref #: 390-3418, 303-3418
Joyce Boyajian Scholarship
This scholarship is for a deserving student in the horticulture department. Student should be full time, have taken 24 units at Fullerton College, and have at least a 3.0 G.P.A. The F.C. Horticulture Dept. will choose the recipient.
Ref #: 390-2035, 303-3035, 503-2035, 590-2035
Fullerton Garden Club/Osher Scholarship
This Scholarship is awarded annually to a continuing student majoring in Horticulture and who is taking 9 units or more. Selection of the recipient is by the Horticulture faculty.
Ref #: 490-4007,403-4007
Lloyd J. Meuli Memorial Agriculture Award
This scholarship is for one or more agriculture majors who will return to F.C. the following fall semester as a full-time student in the field, or who will transfer to a four-year college or university in the fall as an agriculture major. The Horticulture instructors will recommend the recipient through their Division Dean.
Ref #: 390-3280, 303-3280
Geoff B. Smith Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a full-time student with a minimum 3.0. G.P.A. The student is required to be a Horticulture major in a transfer program. The recipient will be chosen by the Foundation Scholarship Committee.
Ref #: 390-3414, 303-3414
Steven Goffin Memorial Fund
This scholarship is to be given to a student who plans on continuing at Fullerton College with a GPA of 3.0 or better. The student should be someone who has a dream or vision to enhance the environment. The recipient will be chosen by the Horticulture Dept. The department should notify Judy Goffin, mother of Steven, of their recipient selection. If necessary she can be contacted through the Foundation at (714) 525-5651.
Ref #: 590-2153, 503-2153

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